We’ve come to the conclusion: Valerie has been such a hit that we can’t miss her out of our winter Collection. She’s got her own style: a biker soul with a feminine heart. A great mix and match!

 This year, the tongue is adorned with little studs. And so much color! Green leather for those who are daring, shocking, playful. Chianti red: tough and rocker. Or classic black: strict, simple and real biker.

You’ll never be without Valerie again, right?

Eyes on

  • The shiny little studs which steal your heart
  • Covered tongue: Lady Rocker look ;)
  • Reinforced toe and heel for a real biker soul and style
  • Playfully finished eyelets which mix utility and futility...our specialty!
  • The same goes for the zip: it’s just for show
  • Satin bow: WOW!