Sunday World - The Snuggle is Real

Helen Lynch

Posted on November 01 2020

Sunday World - The Snuggle is Real

One week into lockdown 2.0, our wardrobe was craving exactly what we were: comfort. I may have panic bought some unnecessary over the-knee boots from Zara, but in reality, all I want is a long, comforting hug from my clothes — the kind of soft and layered embrace that will see me through the next few weeks of Zoom calls and bundled-up walks along my 5k radius. offers exactly that. Full of cosy, versatile wardrobe heroes. From padded coats and chunky boots to loose silhouette knits and cuffed trousers, it’s all about embracing contrasting textures and layering up in unique ways. Shapes are contemporary and relaxed — even dresses have soft silhouettes and are so forgiving. As it has never been more important to champion local businesses, is also Irish — its owned and managed by Helen Lynch, an Irish fashion industry stalwart. Offering style you can trust and brands like NAYA, Summum Woman and White Stuff, there is an emphasis on timeless style and classic colours that are both fashionable and functional. Prices here also reflect their timeless appeal — they won’t be out of date next season. So go on, pile on the seasonal layers for the perfect lockdown wardrobe at

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